First post in my WordPress blog

I was standing in line in the library cafe today, thinking about how I spent my morning futzing with blogs and blogreaders and other social software, then most of my desk hours futzing with my account. I was thinking that this isn't library work by any traditional standard, and that if I were one of my colleagues looking over my shoulder, I might think I was just wasting company time. That got me thinking about the schisms I see threatening to open between so-called "traditional" librarians and so-called "NextGen" librarians…and that got me thinking about ways to head some misunderstandings off at the pass.

I'm setting up this WordPress blog (free and easy!) to talk about what I do as an e-learning librarian. I'd like to do this as one of several ways of opening communication lines with my co-workers, none of whom have my job description and some of whom may wonder what I'm doing all day. It may be interesting or helpful for them to be able to check in from time to time to see what I'm up to. It'll probably also help me to have a record of what I've been doing from week to week.

I'm going to try to use a free Feed2JS script to feed this blog into my web page, to get the information out to folks who don't use a newsreader or care to subscribe to this blog's feed. Let's see how that goes…more content soon.


3 thoughts on “First post in my WordPress blog

  1. Jill says:

    Hello, do you like your e-learning librarian position? I remember when that position was advertised… but it said it might only be temporary (2 years), as I recall. What cool new technologies do you recommend?

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