Checking in, albeit briefly.

I've transgressed one of the 10 rules for writing the live web; I haven't updated!  This is one of the fatal flaws of Everything 2.0–sometimes, all the 1.0 stuff in life keeps you snowed under, and there's not enough time to go around.  But I'm convinced of the importance of staying current and connected, so I'll try to do better.

That said, I'm buried alive this week, mainly under the 2006 Mellon Faculty Institute for Undergraduate Research, of which I am honoured to be a member.  The summer institute runs for five days, MWF this week and MW next.  It takes a lot of time but it's well worth it to get the chance to work closely with the faculty.  The group is interesting and engaged, and the topics up for discussion are great.  We're getting to spend some concentrated time thinking about undergraduate research skills, and how to design better syllabi, assignments, and library-faculty collaborations to improve those skills.  It's like getting to spend serious, concentrated time in the garden.  A lot of what you're doing may be hard to quantify–it's little details and contemplative action–but you know it's going to pay off in the form of healthier plants.  Or better-prepared undergrads, in this case.  It's a great project, and it would be wonderful if all undergrads could benefit from it.  We're not there yet, but it's really cool to get to see a model like this at work.

Other ongoing projects include assuming responsibility for the Doe-Moffitt Library website, finishing up with the ACRL Library 2.0 project, prepping for ALA (NOLA ahoy!), and trying to find some time to fit in work on the online catalog tutorial we're working on.  So the slate right now is really, really full.  

Sadly, this is a placeholder post, with no real opinion or revelatory information.  But it's content!  And for the moment, that's enough.