Back from vacation, reading again

I’m back from two week’s vacation (and from getting married–hooray!), and am reading back through some things that arrived in my inbox while I was away.  Right now I’m really enjoying the trains of thought in John Hubbard’s presentation Going Virtual: Technology and the Future of Academic Libraries.

This, together with a presentation in our library this morning by Nancy Fried Foster about how users use libraries, has got me excited about how library services and roles are changing.

I’m thinking a lot these days about where we’re going, not just in terms of instruction or individual texts, but more in terms of general behaviors and approaches to traditional resources.  Others are way ahead of me, but I’m fascinated by how digitization and simple, friendly 2.0 Web technologies are changing how our users behave.

As Hubbard says, we are no longer the information resource of choice for most users.  That battle is lost.  It’s the repositioning, and reimagining, that we have to do now, that really interests me.

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