Top 100 tools for e-learning

The Center for Learning & Performance Technologies has posted at “Top 10 tools for e-learning” list. They’ve compiled “Top 10” lists from a range of e-learning professionals and instructors, and put the whole shebang up for viewing purposes. Number one tool for e-learning?


This reminds me of a project I’ve been wanting to do for a while: step away from tutorials and instead deliver to students (at a click, preferably) a bundle of web-based applications or easy downloads that will help them study and do research. My top picks were Google Desktop and/or Reader, Zotero,, Firefox, Picnik, Flickr, and I forget what else right now. Sort of a taster’s choice of web apps to help you get through your undergrad degree. So far, delivery’s been the biggest problem. I’d like to do something sort of like an OPML bundle, but for links instead of feeds. Anyone know how that could happen?





One thought on “Top 100 tools for e-learning

  1. Jane Hart says:


    Thanks for your posting. I am still looking for more contributions for the Top 10 lists (I’d like to reach 100) and you sound like you have some great ideas. Could I ask you to contribute your Top 10 tools list. If so, here’s the information you need to let me have

    Hope to hear from you


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