Tutorials grab bag.

A few online library- and research-related tutorials that have caught my eye recently:

  • Scholarly vs. Popular Periodicals (Vanderbilt University)
    Created using Camtasia. I like the use of the artwork, although I’m not sure why no searches are shown, and why there’s no interactivity. The image quality in several spots is really nice, and the quality of the narration is good.
  • Internet for Architecture (Intute)
    Static, not animated, which is a bit of a drawback. Organized in a confusing way, to my eye. But possibly interesting b/c of its focus on architecture resources (they have tutorials for arts & design, construction, engineering, and other related topics) and b/c it uses a “link basket” feature that allows the user to easily save links as they’re presented in the tutorial. Offers a multiple-choice quiz with immediate feedback. Still, disappointingly text-heavy and 1.0-ish.
  • What is Plagiarism? (Rutgers University)
    A popular one with libraries, for some good reasons. It’s funny and creative, doesn’t take itself too seriously, but provides substantive content and some great, specific examples of what constitutes plagiarism (the second installment is most helpful–it shows a mock essay with highlights and a student’s narration explaining exactly what needs footnoting.) A couple of drawbacks–no pause button! And if you don’t have audio, this one’s inaccessible. I’m not sure how they work it into their curriculum at Rutgers, but I think this would have to be assigned to students, as it’s fairly long.

I’ve been working on revising the “Evaluating Scholarly Information Online” tutorial I created with Merinda McLure as a visual poster for ALA Annual 2007. It should be up on the UC Berkeley Library website, with a new design template and some added interactivity, in the next couple of days. I’ll link to it here when it’s ready.


One thought on “Tutorials grab bag.

  1. anniezk says:

    What ever happened to that tutorial?

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