Tuesday-morning quarterbacking.

I spent last Friday at an all-day conference I helped to plan and present: “Academic Library 2.0,” sponsored by the Librarians Association of the University of California, Berkeley. Here are some of the things I learned in the process (tongue in cheek, yes):

  • People feel pretty comfortable canceling out of a free event at the last minute, even if they know it was popular and that others were turned away due to lack of space, and even if they know lunch was ordered for them.
  • Librarians (myself included) are not always expert at high-tech event presentation skills, such as figuring out where to plug in the projector.
  • You have to ask for tables and podiums. AV carts are not enough. (D’oh!)
  • More people will probably come to a session titled “Teaching with Mash-ups” than “Congressional Research 2.0.” (That one’s an educated guess.)
  • People don’t like to have to find their own parking.
  • Good weather is a jewel without price.
  • There are never enough plugs.
  • You can read a list of 200+ emails fifteen times, but it’ll still take an extra pair of eyes to find the three malformed addresses that are screwing up the email you’re trying to send out.
  • Event planning is a profession for a reason.

I’m slowly catching up on my feeds, my email, my many neglected projects. I’m on the desk many, many hours this week, so I should have some good updates to the reference question blog soon.


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