Focus on: Facebook

I’m going to start doing occasional posts that provide a manageable reading list of current pieces about a given topic. I make no claim that these are the best pieces out there, or that the list is anywhere near comprehensive. They’re just some things that I’ve seen or read recently, or that I want to read soon, and don’t want to lose track of. (Also, I don’t vouch for my citation style.)

With no particular agenda in mind, I’m doing the first one on Facebook. So, here we have it:

Focus on…Facebook


Bisson, C. “What does Facebook matter to libraries?” Maison Bisson. January 30, 2006.
Asks how well existing library services serve students in Facebook.

Bumgarner, B. “You have been poked: Exploring the uses and gratifications of Facebook among emerging adults.” First Monday 12, 11-5, Nov 2007.
The abstract concludes with the delightfully frank observation, “Essentially, Facebook appears to operate primarily as a tool for the facilitation of gossip.”

Charnigo, L. & Barnett-Ellis, P. “Checking out The impact of a digital trend on academic libraries.” Information Technology and Libraries. 26:2, March 2007, 23-34.
Link to UCB resource; requires log-in. Haven’t read this one yet. From the abstract: “This article reports on a survey of 126 academic librarians concerning their perspectives toward, an online network for students.”

The ECAR study of undergraduate students and information technology, 2007
Check out the full study link, and do a quick search on “Facebook.” 80% of students use social networking tools daily, but most prefer not to use them for work or school. Student quote: “It would be crossing the line for my advisor or instructors to find me on Facebook. But it’s open to everyone!”

Kroski, E. Top ten Facebook apps for libraries, part 1. iLibrarian. August 1, 2007.
Includes apps for Slideshare, Libguides, MyFlickr, the UIUC Facebook app that lets users search the library catalog and databases from inside FB. Edit the URL to get parts two and three.

Lupsa, C. “Facebook: A campus fad becomes a campus fact.” The Christian Science Monitor. Dec 13, 2006.
Includes a sidebar history of Facebook and poll results on students’ opinions on FB privacy issues.

Stephens, M. “Social networking services.” Library Technology Reports. 43: 5, Sep/Oct 2007, 45-51.
Link to UCB resource; requires log-in. Gives an overview of MySpace, Facebook, Ning, and Hennepin County PL’s Bookspace. Gives practical suggestions for what a library can do to start offering services in FB or another social networking tool.


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