It’s digital divide Friday!

It’s Friday afternoon, and I’m heading out the door to do some hours at the Environmental Design reference desk.  But before I do, a few links to projects designed to help close the global information gap.  Because our main constituents may be the folks at the reference desk, but we have a broader responsibility as well, to the folks who can’t get there yet.

  • Better World Books: a national book drive to improve people’s lives through literacy
  • Librarians Without Borders:  working to develop a library in Angola, while struggling to keep their name in place (Doctors Without Borders has taken exception.)
  •  addictive little vocabulary-building game designed to promote literacy and language skills, while donating food to the hungry.

And just in case you’re thinking, We don’t need to worry about literacy–the bookstores are full!, a quick link to the NEA’s most recent (and depressing) report on the state of reading in the U.S.   Maybe it’s not just the rest of the world we should be worrying about, in terms of literacy?


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