Sakai Conference: Sakai Webcast System

Mara Hancock & Judy Stern, UC Berkeley

Q:  How many institutions have systems in place that automatically capture webcasts/podcasts of lectures? A:  Of those present, only UCB, Michigan, U of Amsterdam.

@UCB, webcasting started in 1995, at the Berkeley Multimedia Research Center (faculty genesis)

2001 ETS formed, and merged with BMRC and media services

2002-2004 ETS updates, adds events and admin application

2004-2006 Experiments with captioning and search. Adds podcasting. Delivery partnership wtih Apple and Google. Webcast is next-generation vision.

2007 Strategy, design 7 specs for Webcast next-generation. Development & outreach.

2008+ Open source requirements. Complete Phase 1 development. Planning for Phase 3 and WC learning tools.

Current state of affairs: 6 webcast- and 14 podcast-enabled General Assignment Classrooms. Recharge for special events & courses. Departments share cost of webcasting with campus. All output freely available online to anyone in world. 83 full courses in 2007. 10,000 hours of content since 2001.

Local & world audience: 2 million visits to (RealPlayer.) 2.3 million downloads from iTunes U. Youtube 1.6 million views, 8,700 current subscribers. Wanted to put the content up in locations where users could find it (iTunes, YouTube.)

Current questions:  How to make access easier, content more discoverable, share with other schools, make content and context more meaningful (i.e. surrounded by more learning activities in Sakai etc.), leverage innovation from other universities and community source projects?

Needs and barriers: students want more (incoming freshmen consider podcasting essential service), students & public want more portability, quality, quantity. Growing to 70 tech-enabled rooms in 5 years. Approx 1000 courses eligible, 1/3 of undergrad catalog. Problems: patchwork quilt programming, scalable vendor solutions expensive, proprietary code & limited integration, need solid foundation with flexible toolset, other systems not built to play.

UCB is interested in finding partners to join efforts and contribute to or implement OpenCast on their campus. OC Community: a community centered around open, scalable, and sustainable podcast/webcast solutions and best practices for higher education. List: Wiki: Would like to leverage the Sakai community (governance, licensing, etc.) as much as possible.


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