Sakai Conference: Wednesday Keynote

Bob Sutor, VP of Open Source & Standards for IBM

Predicted shortfall of science, technology, and engineering professionals in U.S. Shift in Internet environment and public behaviors since 1995 (adoption rates, online activities.) Coming years will show just as much innovation & change.

World of Warcraft, Club Penguin etc. are predictors for user behavior in 10-15 years (multi-user social networking, high-level graphics, problem-solving, narratives, rewards etc.) Educational software can’t compare to these experiences (i.e., typing class in school vs. WoW at home.)

Overview of Web 0.0, 1.0, 2.0. Potential of virtual 3D worlds to be the next big thing? Hard to know, but must be informed about the possibilities. Issues around privacy, professionalism, currency exchange, other implications of virtual world technologies.

“Everything is getting connected.” Legal, legislative, financial implications. Monopolies around applications will become rare. May see monopolies around information. No single software provider will provide all the pieces. Beware of organizations that set up “interoperability” on their own, without collaboration.

Interfaces to common services will become more standardized, as best practices are developed and experience grows. Quality of service will be the key differentiator. Importance of open standards: level playing field, drive interoperability and interchangeability, inpinge on trade secrets & proprietary methods, etc. Open is inevitable–best idea wins. Meritocracy and talent will be valued over hierarchy.

Younger people born on the web won’t accept older paradigms. Change will be driven by their behaviors and expectations. Facebook tracking & advertising project a cautionary tale. (Beacon partner program, Computer Associates article.)


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