PSA about Zotero and Firefox Portable

I’m teaching a class in a short while, and belatedly realized I’d like to show the students Zotero. They’re bringing USB drives to the class, so the natural thing to do is show them how Zotero works with Firefox Portable. I don’t have it on my own USB drive yet, so I went to quickly (I thought) grab it. Because I have Zotero on my work computer this was harder than I thought it would be.

So just in case anyone else gets into the same boat (or I forget how I did this by the middle of next week, which is totally possible):

1. Put your USB in the computer.

2. Open Firefox. Go to the Firefox Portable site.

3. Download the .exe for Firefox Portable.

4. Install Firefox Portable into the appropriate directory for your USB drive. (In my case, the F: drive.) Portable Apps has installation instructions here.

5. Open Firefox Portable from your USB drive. Size the window so it doesn’t cover the whole desktop.

6. Go to the Zotero website.

7. Right-click on the red “Download” button, and save the .xpi file to your desktop.

8. Drag and drop the .xpi file into your open Portable Firefox browser window.

9. Zotero will install in Portable Firefox. You’ll need to restart.

For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to get Zotero not to automatically download into the desktop browser, until I found instructions to right-click and save. I must be distracted, right? I’m sort of surprised they don’t offer a clearer link or instructions for this, though.

Okay, taking this to the students now…

2 thoughts on “PSA about Zotero and Firefox Portable

  1. john cummins says:

    Everytime I try the above I get the same error message -203 and it just doesn’t go for me. Suggestions??

  2. […] I had been planning to write a post about how to get Zotero to work with Firefox Portable but Karen Munro has saved me the trouble. Thanks […]

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