Tools I want.

In the course of this afternoon alone, I’ve wished for the following tools to exist in my life:

  • A magical, simple calendaring system that will show me at a glance where I can fit an hour conference call into the workdays of eight people in three time zones.
  • A plug-in that will look up any word or phrase on a page (highlighted and right-clicked) in Wikipedia or the library catalog
  • A library catalog that’s as forgiving and flexible as Amazon or Google
  • A plug-in for my brain that will quickly and easily upload all the information I should already know about competing RSS formats and readers, and whether it’s worth learning to use a tool like aideRSS, which claims to be able to make my life easier (but about which I have some doubts)
  • A device that finds the bathrooms in buildings I’ve never been in before (handheld?)

I know some of this exists, in one form or another–Google Calendar, for instance–and there must be (I’m sure) a Wikipedia search plug-in.  But if anyone has suggestions for lifehacking these kinds of things, please let me know.  And feel free to send spare TARDISes C.O.D.

3 thoughts on “Tools I want.

  1. caleb says:

    the first two are easy: (colleagues still need to enter their availability, but not any “personal” information, except what is tracked automatically) (for w. only?)

    for bathrooms, and might help, assuming your mobile device can send e-mail (or that it’s a kindle), and that you can wait 3 minutes for a reply. if you have text messaging, might do the trick.

  2. annie zk says:

    Ohh. That Mover and Shaker suggested doodle, which I was going to post to you about….Always a bridesmaid.

    Also for request 1. One of our library whippersnappers likes:
    As it will send out emails reminding folks when the meeting is approaching. I don’t like that you have to register on that one.

    request 2 (sort of). LibX toolbars are customizable and open source. The UO has one and it is pretty fun. Although I usually forget to use it.
    It’s working just fine on my Mac, but has to be on Firefox.

  3. Hi Karen,

    What kind of doubts do you have about AideRSS? Always curious to find out what people actually need (and what they think PostRank does when they’re new to it). 🙂

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