Captivate woes

Captivate users, help me out!  We recently decided to change our default screen resolution for online tutorials from 800 x 600 to 1024 x 768.  However, the template we’ve been using all this time has a fixed screen capture size for 800 x 600.  When we use it at the new resolution, it only grabs a small chunk of the screen.

Can screen capture sizes be edited after they’ve been used once?  I seem to recall that they can’t, although I honestly don’t see why a template file shouldn’t be editable like this.  Maybe I’m missing something?

And out of interest’s sake, has anyone else created a template from scratch?  I.e., not saved a movie as a template, but created a graphic template in Flash or Fireworks or another tool, and saved or exported it as a .cptl?

One thought on “Captivate woes

  1. Nikki Ward says:

    I am also having Captivate issues… i want my screens to look like this:

    The size is perfect for me.. how do I shrink the 1066 x 800 screen down to that size?

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