Research libraries publishing scholarly content

When I was a literature librarian at the University of Oregon, I once had a long conversation with the Chair of the English department about the crisis in scholarly publishing.  (Yes, this was prompted by a serials cut.)  He suggested that there might be a role for libraries publishing scholarly monographs on demand.

I’ve always been of many minds about libraries taking on this responsibility, but according to this new report from ARL, most research libraries are already engaged in publishing scholarly content in one way or another.  I’m still of many minds about it…but I’m interested to see how widespread it is.  Only 36% of the responding libraries said they weren’t somehow engaged in publishing scholarly content.  That suggests a major new mission for research libraries to me–one that’s (so far) going pretty unsung.


One thought on “Research libraries publishing scholarly content

  1. Why wouldn’t research libraries be in
    the publishing business?

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