Best tool for the job?

Here’s a question for the tech-minded folks who read this blog:  a colleague wants to be able to post a white paper online and allow colleagues to comment on it openly, so they can see each other’s comments and have an ongoing conversation about the document.  However, he doesn’t want anyone to be able to edit the document itself.

I’m not familiar enough with all the wikis in the world to know what might be best to recommend, but I suspect there’s a wiki out there (Wetpaint?  a PMwiki skin?) that would do this for him.  If not a wiki, perhaps a blog with a single post for his document?  (Or a sticky post, if he finds he needs to add more content over time?)

Any thoughts on the magic bullet tool for this situation?


3 thoughts on “Best tool for the job?

  1. Meghan Sitar says:

    Diigo ( seems like one option. He could post the document as HTML wherever he’d like, have his commenters create Diigo accounts, and then they could add sticky notes to the page that would be viewable to others with Diigo accounts.

  2. TroyJMorris says:

    There are many, many, many programs available for this.

    I do know with certainty, however, that Wetpaint can handle this request.

    He can lock a page and members are able to comment in a threads on the bottom of the page. They can also upload edits of the document if they wanted, or add sub-pages of edited white-pages.

    Hope that helps a bit!

  3. Anne-Marie says:

    A higher-tech option would be something like CommentPress – which allows the readers to comment on the paragraph level, which might be interesting (depending on the manuscript). A WordPress plugin might be too much tool for this job, though?

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