ALA Drive-by

Anaheim is sunny and bright, and I’m heading into the Exhibits hall.  But first I wanted to link to Anne-Marie’s blog post listing our preconference materials.  The preconference was great–we had overflow attendance and a terrific group of engaged, interested, thoughtful participants.  And as always, my fabulous co-presenters gave me much food for thought.  Every time we talk about online instruction and 2.0 public services, I feel like I “get” it a little more, and my paradigm shifts just a few more inches in the right direction.  Added bonus:  Rachel’s copyright advocacy sermon.  Accept no substitutes!


Post-move, pre-conference

Man, oh man, it’s been a busy month.

I’m installed in my new job as Head of the University of Oregon Portland Library and Learning Commons, and am busy getting to know my new phone, computer, colleagues, and responsibilities.  This is a start-up library in a newly-renovated facility, so we’re building from the ground up.  It’s exciting and fun and at times exhausting, and I feel very lucky and grateful to be doing it.

At the same time, I’m getting ready for ALA Annual in Anaheim, where (as luck and long-range planning would have it) I’m presenting a preconference with my esteemed friends and colleagues Anne-Marie Deitering and Rachel Bridgewater.  Ours is the one titled “Instruction 2.0:  Building Your Online Instruction Toolkit.”  It’s going to be a full day of talk and play about why 2.0 is different from 1.0, and what this means for online instruction in libraries.  (And really any kind of instruction–but we’re struggling against scope creep!)

In other news, I’ve changed the title of my blog from “E-Learning Librarian” to just plain old “Learning Librarian.”  Because while my focus may have shifted slightly (I’m still interested in online instruction, but now I’m also thinking about videoconferencing, learning space design, and carpet tiles vs. broadloom), I’m pretty sure I’ll always be learning.  In all of my jobs so far, learning has been a constant.  And that makes me happy.