Free web design tools!

A friend of mine is doing some volunteer web design for a charity organization, and she’s working without access to any of her usual web design tools (Dreamweaver, etc.) I’m sure many people have found themselves in similar situations, in libraries without strong technology budgets, or out on a limb, wanting to try something new and different without having to rely on the existing system. For her sake and for the sake of everyone doing web design on the cheap (or on the free), I offer a quick list of some tools that may make the work easier and more fun:

  • Quick Guide to Website Design:  iLibrarian’s list of tools for designing and building a website, including free templates, site creators, images, widgets…  Basically, one-stop shopping for free web design tools.
  • Free Resources for Web Workers:  WebWorkerDaily’s list of free web design and development tools.  Including tools, tutorials, and even (gasp!) recommended books.
  • CSS Zen Garden:  Of course, the biggie for layout and look.  Cascading style sheets to wrap your content in any look you can imagine, and some you probably can’t.
  • ColorBlender: One of my favorite inspiration resources for setting a site’s color scheme and overall look and feel.
  • ReadWriteWeb’s list of 10 free web analytic tools: Pretty much what it sounds like.  Sometimes you just want to know who’s reading.

I’d be very interested to know what your favorite free web design are.  The Firefox Web Developer toolbar?  Anything from Peachpit Press?  What can’t you live without?  (Extra points if it’s free and available online in Mexico!)

3 thoughts on “Free web design tools!

  1. Heather says:

    Hi Karen – thanks for these links! I just discovered your blog and am finding it very helpful. Hope Oregon is treating you well.

    ~Heather T. (from Berkeley)

  2. Faggot15 says:

    Use graphic or three-dimensional modeling of text structure. ,

  3. JXL58 says:

    The first 2 outfits are not really my cup of tea. ,

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