Friday inspiration

We’re moving new shelves into our library today, with lots of drilling and concrete dust and trundling book carts.  I’m hovering, hoping my collection shift plan will actually work the way I planned it to–i.e., all the books in all the right places, no huge gaps or crunches.  I have new and overwhelming respect for everyone who’s ever moved a library.

It’s also the Friday before the long weekend, so a little inspiration seems in order.  Here’s a terrific example of a higher-ed/library-type project making a difference in the real world:  Architecture for Humanity is proposing to build weaving cooperatives in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and India.  The centers would help pull women (and families) out of poverty and provide a viable economic alternative to human trafficking.

The connection to higher ed and libraries?  The plan for the centers will be a Creative Commons Developing Nations License.  If you follow that link you’ll see that this license has since been retired.  To which I say, I hope it’s been replaced by a new one that will foster sharing of plans, policies, and solutions in developing nations.  It’s a great idea and clearly (see above) a lot of good can come from it.


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