Google and e-reader software

Oh, WordPress. I just wrote a post, and it got erased. No time to rewrite, so here’s the summary:

Google settled. I have no deep insights, but it seems to me that e-reader devices and software just jumped up the to-do list. If you haven’t spent time using an e-reader, I recommend perusing Stanza’s site, linked below. It’s a free e-reader that works on Kindle, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac, & PC. Check out the demos and screenshots, the polls, and conversation in the forums. Fascinating.

If I were a public library, I’d be looking closely at e-reader devices about now. Maybe even an academic library, for some disciplines. Overall, reading is changing, no doubt about it.

Stanza: A Revolution in Reading | Lexcycle


One thought on “Google and e-reader software

  1. caleb says:

    Reading continues its ancient tradition of change!

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