Chronicle article on the future of “The Library Building”

From the article:

Tech Therapy: The Library Building (Chronicle of Higher Education podcast)

“As you are planning library spaces, you need to find ways to bring nuance and agility into the conversation about what the library will become,” Scott says. “You need to stay away from saying the library will be all one thing or the other, or we’re going all electronic or going all paper, or whatever.”

Hear, hear!  I’ve just finished working with architecture students to do two charrettes to design our classroom/group study room to include both mobile chairs and tables and some soft “living-room” style seating…as well as tackable surfaces for pin-ups, possibly some equipment for photographing models, and the standard array of classroom technology.  We’re still throwing ideas on the walls (I have giant post-its stuck to my office all around my desk) and we’ll see what sticks, but it’s pretty exciting to have the opportunity to design a space and its services more or less from scratch.


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