Secret library stuff, aka the absence of pain is not the same as pleasure.

Recently, Anne-Marie posted about secret library books:  books that aren’t visibly or nominally about libraries, but that a library-minded person can read as being about exactly the issues that are most important to us.  I know I’ve read (and seen, heard, talked about) things like this, but of course I couldn’t think of any right off the bat.  Here’s one that caught my eye today:

Why Apple is great at interfaces when others are not.

Basically, because they take fun and pleasure into account when they design.  Instead of designing to a common denominator of test group approval ratings, they go with solutions that make people smile, amuse people, surprise people in good ways.  They’re whimsical as well as practical.  They’re not dull.

What if we took this same mentality and applied it to our library catalogs, websites, building, and services?  Better yet, what if we employed graphic designers, digital artists, interior designers, and other folks with training in visual communication and space design to help us with this?  Maybe we’d have a sleeker, simpler, brighter, more human profile.

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