Happy New Year!  I’m in the office (note:  it snowed again, which is almost unbelievable for Portland) planning a spring-term class that I’m teaching with my friend and colleague Annie Zeidman-Karpinski.  It’s Library 101, and as you might imagine from the name it’s both a classic and a little bit dusty.  We’re shooting to blow some of the dust off by reorienting it in terms of visual content and videos.  Videoconferencing, video games, screencasts, you name it, we’re going to have it.  Obviously this begs some questions about the traditional syllabus for a class like this, which I like to call ‘WOTCA WETWODA,” or “Week One The Catalog, Week Two The Databases…”  In other words, a slow and ponderous introduction of research tools in the order we (the librarians) think is most important.

No WOTCA WETWODA for us!  We’re picking 3 ACRL research competencies and teaching to them, using whatever tools crop up.  We’re really interested in David Wiley’s online class in learning theory, which he’s teaching at Brigham Young University–and in which he’s encouraging his students to role-play as bards, artisans, merchants, or monks.

One thought on “WOTCA WETWODA

  1. caleb says:

    wotca wetwoda? yub nub!

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