Seeking online video games (with fiber)

I’m currently co-designing a for-credit research methods class, using video games and gaming as a structure.  I’m looking for examples of more online video games that are freely available (without signup, preferably) for play through a web browser.  Here’s an example of what I’m thinking of:  Samorost, a beautifully-designed and complex point-and-click problem-solving game (it feels like I should say “experience.”)  I’m hoping to build game play into each class to reinforce what we’re teaching about search, discovery, pattern recognition, and so on.

Anyone got any good online game examples to share?

5 thoughts on “Seeking online video games (with fiber)

  1. Minotaur China Shop is not to be missed:

    I’d recommend skimming the Offworld games blog, as they like to highlight unusual and well-done online games.

  2. Heather says:

    Shameless plug for my boyfriend, but he works for a videogame news site and writes a “101 Free Games” article every year. Most are web-based:

    [a href=”″]
    101 Free Games 2008[/a href]

    “101 Free Games 2009” should be up in a week or two.

  3. Heather says:

    Oops, square brackets apparently don’t work in this blog software. The link’s here:

  4. eric frierson says:

    I use this one to illustrate issues of vocabulary – it shows a picture, you’re partnered with someone online, and you try to come up with the same word to describe the image. shows that different people might use different words to describe the same concept, and some concepts are complex and are hard to find one word to describe it. translates nicely to database searching strategies. AND FUN.

  5. Kom says:

    Here are some games that I think might fit the bill. The last few aren’t point and click so not sure if you can use them, but they may be of interest especially in terms of the pattern recognition aspect.:
    info about flow here:

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