To-do pileup

It’s been a long time since my last post, though I’ve been thinking about this blog a lot.  Excuses aside, some stuff that’s been going on…

ACRL 2009 was a good time had by all.  It was a real pleasure to see the fruits of the Green Committee’s labors–recycled carpet in the exhibits hall, shower times in the tote bags, few-to-no paper handouts, and recyling everywhere.  Robin Chase’s Sunday morning talk was terrific and thought-provoking.  She also graciously did a podcast, which is freely available.  When I wasn’t staffing the Green Booth I got to a few good CyberZed Shed sessions on iMacros, texting at UC Irvine, and Sony Readers.  Does ALA do these kinds of sessions–short, technology-oriented, practical?  I’d love to see more like this.

My colleague Anne Zeidman-Karpinski and I have maximum enrollment for our Library 101 class focusing on video games, video production, and general visual culture.  25 students in Eugene, with Annie teaching there and me here in Portland.  Videoconferencing, yes.  It’s an all-video extravaganza!  We’re using spring break this week to get our final prep work done for the syllabus and assignment outlines.  Final assignment is a group “TV” program made up of short segments from each student, filmed in the media studies center.  And I just read an interesting interview about games and gaming that might ring bells for some folks who are interested in the strangeness of grown-ups and college students playing games to learn…

I’ve also been working to plan two events in early April:  a panel session about creative professionals working in the recession, and a film screening of “Copyright Criminals,” a documentary by Kembrew Mcleod.

And I’m very pleased to say that Michael Stephens‘s awesome “Ray of Light” video for the St. Joseph County Public Library is back up on Youtube, albeit without Madonna’s soundtrack.  Thanks, Michael!