Movies, panels, exhibits: get out!

We’ve been doing some events planning here in the UO Portland Library & Learning Commons, and I’m loving how public programming fits into our mission, both as instruction and publicity.  Last week we screened an independent documentary film about sampling in hip-hop and rap, and two weeks before that we co-sponsored a panel session on how creative workers can get through tight economic times.  Our students are mostly creative design and communication professionals, so this was a great fit for them.

We had a terrific turnout, a great panel discussion, and an open Q&A and meet-and-greet session that drew folks from the City of Portland, job placement agencies, creative firms, and professional associations–as well as lots of students and freelancers.

Audience at the White Stag Block

Audience at the White Stag Block

Audience at White Stag Block Talk

Audience at White Stag Block Talk

Holding events like these, in which the Library is a full and active participant, reminds me how important it is for us to get out of our offices, out of our libraries even.  It’s part of activating the collection, part of promoting who we are and what we stand for, and where we fit into the values and mission of the departments and the institution.  It’s important work, and the goodwill it generates is tremendous.  (And it’s fun…)

Photos of the screening coming soon…


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