Philadelphia’s libraries on the chopping block

Wow.  I’m not sure how we got to this pass (but I’ve been on a beach for the last week.)  If Pennsylvania’s state legislature doesn’t pass a budget soon, all Philadelphia Free Libraries will close.

They’ll close the buildings, stop all the programs, take back all the books–you get the idea.  Closed.  Finished.  Kaput.

These libraries made it through the Great Depression and through two World Wars.  And we’re going to close them now because the state legislature can’t pass a budget?

You can contact Philadelphia state legislators here, and ask them kindly to get off the stick.

And for more information:

The Free Library of Philadelphia was established in 1891, with the first branch opened in 1894.  There are 54 Free Library locations in the city. Read the Wikipedia article here, or the Philadelphia Free Libraries FAQ here.


One thought on “Philadelphia’s libraries on the chopping block

  1. Bobby says:

    Can you imagine Philladelphia of all places loosing their free libraries. The Pennsylvania State Legislature will have to answer to many more people who are in support of keeping these working landmarks open than they could have ever imagined. I suggest they reaccess their decision and take another look at what they are actually proposing.

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