Signs of change

As independent bookstores are closing (and Borders UK is sinking, for that matter), electronic book readers continue to pique consumer interest.  From Shelf Awareness:

Barnes & Noble begins shipping its Nook e-reader today but won’t have any for sale or for demos in stores until next Monday, December 7, the Wall Street Journal reported. Some units originally designated to go to stores are going to people who ordered them before November 20. Demand for the Nook has been higher than the supplier’s capabilities.

I’m out of the loop, I’ve never heard of the Nook–but if I had to bet on the future of non-academic publishing right now, I’d bet electronic, big-time.  (Which means libraries and indie booksellers are scrambling to figure out how to shelve/stock/sell these things.)  What about the model that CD stores have had forever–listening boards, where you clamp a set of noise-canceling headphones on your noggin and pick a song/story from a list of featured items on a board?  Are any libraries or indies offering that yet?


A great little short video from Maya Design about the future of computing and information…in short, things are scaling up fast in terms of how many computers we’ll see, what shapes and forms they’ll take, and how much information they’ll process.  Think trillions.