Google Scholar just added some features

Google Scholar search

I haven’t used Google Scholar in a while, but just popped in and noticed a few new features.  There’s now a distinct patent search, as well as an option to search legal opinions and journals, and a link to a search function for (presumably) statutes & regulations.

I’d be interested to hear from law and business librarians–how well do these work?


One thought on “Google Scholar just added some features

  1. eric f says:

    not a law librarian, but work with a lot of law materials for education policy courses. i really, really like it, and my professors do too – mostly because they have lists of identified ‘benchmark’ cases, and if you head to google scholar and search through legal cases by topic, it often brings the landmark cases they identified right to the top.

    links within each opinion also allow traipsing through law-time easy.

    it only has the publicly available court opinions, none of the headnotes or supplementary materials Westlaw or LexisNexis provides, and I’ve found that students appreciate that information once they know how to read it. it helps them build the big picture context around the court opinions.

    google scholar’s legal search is really nice, especially for finding cases by topic, but it’s no replacement for the added value companies like Lexis or Westlaw put on top of these opinions.

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