Online Northwest 2010: What TV chefs can teach librarians about presentation style

Embrace your inner Rachael Ray:  what TV chefs can teach librarians about presentation style
Anna Johnson, Mt Hood Community College

Yes, we will have FoodNetwork clips!  General applause.

Big question:  When, how, and from whom do librarians learn public speaking skills?

Everybody here demonstrates resources, teaches, etc. as part of our jobs.  (Hands raised)

Almost nobody studied public speaking/acting. (Almost no hands raised)

Scenario: library director asks for a demo of a new database to 30 people in 1 hour.  Most people (show of hands) would feel pretty intimidated.

Public speaking & acting are different skills: public speaking requires us to speak as ourselves.  Feelings on it depend on our personalities.

Enthusiasm continuum:  Ben Stein to Rachael Ray.  Most librarians are on the Ben Stein end (introverted.)  Regardless of personality, we have to speak publicly.  Idea is to get tools to improve them.

Some people hate Rachael Ray.  Others love her.  She’s on half an hour, makes a whole dinner, big personality.  About the same amt of time we have in library presentations.

Rachael Ray

We’re already sub specialists/content experts.  We have experience and expertise.  Need to be able to teach what we know, show step-by-step demos, and be energetic and enthusiastic presenters.  (Qualities in common between RR and librarians.)

Clip of RR making something with peanut butter , showing energy & enthusiasm, passion for her topic.  Going nuts for peanut butter.

Posting, more next post.


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