Blogging Code4Lib Northwest

I’m at Code4Lib Pacific Northwest today, listening to some great presentations.  Just heard Michael Klein (OSU) on cloud computing; my notes on that are a little rushed but it was a great overview of the advantages and disadvantages of Internet-hosted apps, including a good definition of exactly what cloud computing is.

Now it’s Shirley Lincicum from Western Oregon University on Needle:  an application for modeling graph-based databases; building queries for data analysis, exporting data, etc.  Web-based, no programming required. Provides an API.

Initially developed for travel industry.  One library use:  combining title lists with URLs for titles (delivered separately by vendors) to compile and analyze data.  Could be used to analyze usage stats from different vendors or create custom data compilations (scraping data from websites, for instance.) Was used for Orbis Cascade Alliance staff webiste to scrape staff information from multiple university websites, populate database, and export to Orbis Cascade Alliance website.

Similar apps:  Connotate, Fetch, Kapow, Freebase Gridworks, Dap factory.

Demo follows…

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