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Kyle Bannerjee on NoSQL databases:

  • Why would you care about the Great New Wave of NoSQL dbs?  Data needs have changed since the 1970s, when relational dbs reigned.  Now have semi-structured dbs, need to have highly responsive systems.
  • Sites using NoSQL:  BBC, Google, Hulu, FB, NY Times, Yahoo, etc.
  • There is no magic:  dbs are fast b/c they physically structure data on the disc so it can be accessed efficiently.  NoSQL achieves performance through tradeoffs that make sense in a Web environment.
  • NoSQL db = nonrelational data store.  Different construction depending on data needs (kind of queries needed to support, amount of data, versioning, whether data is separate from app, etc.)

Aaand then we get into deep water, and I wait for firmer footing to return.  😉

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