Blogging Code4Lib PNW

Transitioning to Evergreen with Beth Longwell: Sage System Administrator & David Drexler:  Systems Librarian, EOU

  • Transitioning from current ILS Millennium using circ, cataloging, reserves, acquisitions, serials, etc. modules, to Evergreen ILS.
  • Other projects on the go at the same time: Evergreen development, marketing, catalog cleanup, etc.
  • Going live December 2010
  • Don’t want to lose features that patrons like in the current system
  • Will require new PIN for all users
  • Too many to-do tasks to list here.  Some include:  ensure that ll records have 008 & 007 entries where applicable, clean up patron & item records, set up bibliographic & holdings templates, import authority records and test interface with LTI, test how Marc editing works, modify main Evergreen search page for Sage libraries, modify relevancy algorithm to improve order of keyword search results, test EZProxy for authentication, train staff & do mock practice runs, etc.
  • Missing pieces:  remote access proxy (using EZProxy instead), cataloging interface, circulation has fixed due dates, need more sophisticated fund accounting, no serials module, reserves functionality very basic, reports are minimal, patron data is minimal (?), Summer interaction piece is unclear
  • Advantages:  can upgrade functionality without having to buy/budget for a new module purchase (i.e. bookings module); make best use of money, control over and access to consortial data, ability to choose how much support is contracted out, participation in open source project.

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