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Trying to keep up…Michael Spalti from Willamette University is presenting about Serials Solutions’ 360 Link API.  I’m a little slow on the start, but a few notes:

  • Willamette U is using Serials Solutions’ API for its 360 Link link resolver (not its federated search)
  • Nobody else appears to be using the API–why not?
  • Used PHP to retrieve Serials Solutions XML from remote server, parse locally
  • Can be used to track usage stats (with a little workaround, adding rights information to each title)
  • Initially created mashup of Serials Solutions data and local catalog information; over time, added local catalog info to the SS database and now it all pulls from SS
  • See Daniel Talsky’s article in Code4Lib Journal about the API, Issue 4 2008-09 22
  • Hope to see an API for the e-journal portal of SSolutions (2011?)

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