Pop-up library/book cart/bookmobile/mobilivre, part II

A few more precedent images and inspiration for the pop-up library project I’m working on this summer with Jennifer Keyser, MLIS student and intern extraordinaire.  These images are mostly hers, but I thought I’d share so we had them all in one place (and to show what great stuff she found.)

This one’s actually from my wife, whose lifelong ambition it is for me to drive a bookmobile in a small coastal town.  We’ll see, hon.  This is a book cart in a park in Seoul, Korea.  Park visitors choose the book they want, fill our their name and user information in the register, take the book away to read, then return it when they leave the park.  Original link here (scroll down for the image and description.)

I love the big bicycle wheels on this design, and the open shelves, which look like they close up with wooden cabinet covers (which in turn fold up or down, to form a counter…)

Now this is a DIY bookmobile…  Again, bike bouncy bike tires are the way to go–and I like that this one comes with kickstands you can bring down to make the structure stable for a little stay somewhere.  The colors are bright, the whole thing is inviting and approachable.  Jennifer found this one on Design Squish; look here for a few other terrific mobile book-purveying devices.  (Airstream!)

Jennifer found this great example of cool, innovative design using ultra-modern materials.  I love the spirit of experimentation and adventure here.  From Cool Hunting, here.

About these beautiful stools, Jennifer says:

I really like the idea of repurposing materials/objects, but often find the finish project is too thrown together and distracting. I really like these stools –there is something sleek and simple about the design. I came across the stool on the Unconsumption blog (all about reusing items). More about the stools here.

And, from IKEA and The New York Times (by way of some talented furniture hackers), some clever and inspiring repurposing of existing designs.  We’re definitely thinking along the same lines here–Jennifer found this image and sent it to me the same day I was on the delightful IKEA Hacker blog, trolling for ways to reuse trays, shelves, and racks.

And last but not least, Jennifer hand-picked a Nikki McClure image that combines the strong graphic line, beautiful hand-crafted appeal, and overall DIY/PNW vibe of our ideal.  If only we could create something so beautiful!  Maybe a vinyl cut for the side of the cart, or a very talented addition to our poster?


2 thoughts on “Pop-up library/book cart/bookmobile/mobilivre, part II

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