An article, a pop-up cart…Friday updates.

Things have been busy here lately–it’s the second week of our quarter, and we’ve spent it in the usual fall rough-and-tumble.  But in the midst of it all, two projects have come to fruition, or near-fruition.

First, the newest issue of Communications in Information Literacy has an article I co-authored with the fantastic Merinda McLure, at Colorado State University.  Thanks to Chris Hollister and Stewart Brower for all their help in shepherding this piece through–and to our anonymous peer reviewers for their comments.  It’s a study of student and faculty attitudes toward library integration in CMS systems, started back in 2008 when I was still at Berkeley.  It was fascinating to research and write, and the finished product was bigger than either of us had predicted, I think.  So, double thanks to Chris and Stewart for taking it on.

On an entirely different front, our pop-up library project has been chugging along, and we now have some pictures of the cart.

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It’s essentially an IKEA-hacked book truck, designed to be reconfigured in different ways to display large and small books, new issues of journals, posters, inspiration images (these ranked high with the students we interviewed), DVDs, even a laptop ready to show Zotero or a DVD.  The last two weeks have been too nutty to get it into the students’ space yet, but I’m hoping next week we’ll get the chance to try it out.

All props to awesome MLIS student Jennifer Keyser for all her work on the in-depth user interviews we did to zero in on the best functions for the cart, as well as other library services.