New post, new look

It’s been too long since I posted last, but that’s a good reason to update the look of this blog a little.  The theme I’ve been using has been upgraded (or just plain changed) slightly, and I like the new version.  So, new look!

Recently Netflix has started offering TED talks as part of its streaming video content…which is sort of odd, considering that TED talks are already available free online.  (Thanks to my wife for pointing this out as we browsed the meager selections last night.)

What’s not on Netflix, but possibly useful or at least interesting:  TED has put together a Fellow Speaker Guide, listing TED Fellows who are available as speakers for events.  As someone who’s sat in a lot of meetings trying to think of keynote speakers, this is a good thing.  I’d love to see ACRL put something like this together, and keep it updated–a well-designed, clean, easy-to-find-and-refer-to list of speakers in different areas of librarianship (and outside of it) knowledge areas, reviews, and biography listed.

And just to test out the new theme, here’s a TED talk I particularly like–Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity: