7 Things to Make Librarians Happy

This week has seen the death of Ray Bradbury, the victory of Scott Walker, and the depressing revelation that a three-bedroom house in Arch Cape, OR will cost you $459,000.

It’s time for a list of good stuff, library-style.  Please feel free to add more in the comments.


1.  New York Times-bestselling novelist Catherynne Valente writes a beautiful love letter to libraries:  We Are All Wyveraries.  Hooray for wyverns!


Catherynne Valente's Wyverary

image credit


2.  The MLA will now allow authors who publish in its journals to retain their own copyright, post copies of their work to open access repositories, or on the open Web.  Hooray for open access!


3.  The New York Public Library recently cataloged and made available a huge historic collection of Farm Security Administration photographs–including works by Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans.  Hooray for catalogers and free online access to these great images!

Photograph of children from NYPL Archives

image credit


4.  The folks at Teach.com made this awesome summer reading flowchart, perfect for printing and posting where everyone on earth will see it.  Hooray for reading!

Section of Teach.com reading flowchart


5.  Durham County Library has made the code for their awesome single serving library hours site freely available.  Now your library too can have a fun, elegant answer to the most-asked question ever.  Hooray for simplicity!


6.  In San Diego, libraries are actually expanding their hours, thanks to a budget surplus (!) and a mayor who sounds like he gets it.  And Norwood Public Library in Norwood, NJ is getting some new space, thanks to donor funds.


7.  Oprah still believes in books.  And the book she’s championing right now is a good one, made right here in Portland.  (Read it at your local library.)  Hooray for Oprah!


Oprah Winfrey

image source


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